Duties of the Village Treasurer

The Treasurer is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the Village of Brockport and is responsible for maintaining custody of all Village funds and keeping accounts of all Village receipts and expenditures. In addition, the Treasurer serves as the Budget Officer, Purchasing Agent and Grants Administrator.

Annual Financial Report

The Village Treasurer has filed the annual financial report update document (AUD) for the Village of Brockport for the fiscal year ended 05/31/16, with the Office of the New York State Comptroller, the Village's external auditors, the Village Board and Village Clerk.

2016-2017 Budget

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 6/1/16-5/31/17

2017 Tax Sheet and Pie Charts

2015-2016 Budget

Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 6/1/15-5/31/16

2014-2015 Budget

Budget Preparation Calendar

New calendar is being presented to the Village Board.

Older Reports