The machinery in the South and North pits is in the process of being dismantled.  The week of August 7th the concrete approach apron to both sides of the bridge was removed along with the reinforcing steel beams which will be scrapped.

The two concrete counterweights in the pits (one at each end) will be sawn (with a special power saw) into “manageable” pieces that can be lifted out with a crane.  The pieces will be recycled and turned into crushed stone.

The counterweights are the originals from 1914 but have been added to as the weight of the bridge increased with the addition of the steel decking that replaced the original plank deck.  As designed in 1914, the Main Street bridge weighed 469,000lbs, the counter weights 232,000 (far end) and 239,000 (machinery end) respectively.

The new counterweights will be made of steel.  Each will weigh 268,044 lbs and carry an additional 1600 lbs of hardware.