walkingmapGreetings to our visitors and to Brockporters who wish to become better acquainted with their village! Our Historic Commercial District and Historic Landmark homes provide a unique opportunity to catch the spirit of a canal town in the heyday of the "Old Erie" barge canal. Also, you can see how Brockport is developing rapidly as a major port on a revitalized Erie Canal that is becoming one of North America's prime vacation and recreational facilities. This brochure will guide you through that experience. Enjoy your walk and your stay in Brockport!

This tour consists of five "segments" to be walked in one continuous stroll or by segments. 

They may be combined as follows: ABCDE (75 minutes) AE (25 minutes), ABE (40 minutes), ABDE (48 minutes), ACDE (55 minutes), or ABCE (65 minutes).  Incorporated in the guide are directions for going from one segment to another. 

Begin at hte south abutment of the canal bridge, east side of Main Street (Jimmy Mac's restaurant).


+ View from across the street

* Officially designated historic landmark

# Listed on state and national registries or historic places


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Text and photos by William G. Andrews, Village Historian, with thanks to Cynthia Howke, Kathy Goetz, Harriet Sisson, Eunice Chesnut, Gary Skoog, and Fletcher Garlock. Published by the Village of Brockport, 49 State St., Brockport, NY 14420, 585-637-5300. Public restrooms are available at the Brockport Village Police station, 1 Clinton Street.