Message from President Macpherson, The College at Brockport:

"Members of the SUNY Brockport Community:

In an effort to help our fellow SUNY students who are currently in countries that have been designated by the US Department of State for Level 2 Travel Alerts and Level 3 Travel Warnings due to the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus in those areas, SUNY, under the direction of the New York State Department of Health, is urging all program participants in the impacted countries to return to New York and begin a 14-day precautionary quarantine either at home or at a designated residence hall.

SUNY is chartering flights to transport students from Italy, Japan and South Korea and return them to New York. Based on information provided by SUNY administration, if returning back to the US on SUNY sponsored flights, SUNY will give study abroad students the option to undergo precautionary quarantine for 14 days (as per NYS Department of Health guidance) either at home or on one of three designated SUNY campuses. Brockport is one of the locations being considered because it has the facilities, services, technology, clinical and general staffing capabilities to accommodate NYS DOH quarantine guidelines. However, we won’t know if our campus will be utilized until we get a final determination from SUNY depending on the number of students that select the dormitory option.
Preparations are currently being made to potentially house these students in Gordon Hall and, if our campus is selected, they could arrive as early as next week.

Our first priority is the safety, health, and welfare of all students, faculty, and staff and local residents. None of these students that may arrive on our campus will have tested positive for COVID-19 but have visited one of the impacted countries and must undergo precautionary quarantine. Please visit the Hazen Center’s website on the Coronavirus for more health information.

The Brockport campus can potentially accommodate up to 95 students. A team of individuals from across campus are working diligently to ensure that any students who might arrive are safely undergoing precautionary quarantine, will continue to receive academic support, and that they experience minimal personal discomfort through the course of the 14 days.

We recognize that many of you will have questions. Please understand that this is a work in progress. Many talented, hard-working people on campus, at SUNY system administration, and in state and local government are working on identifying solutions, which we will communicate as appropriate. We will make this process as transparent and informative as possible.

More information will be forthcoming soon. Many thanks for your understanding, patience, and cooperation as we work to support all SUNY students impacted by travel restrictions.

President Macpherson