An Update By Mayor Margay Blackman:

It’s all about a bearing. Not the familiar ball bearing, but a sleeve, or Babbitt, bearing (named after its 1839 inventor, Isaac Babbitt).

The bearing allows the “Bull wheel” and its shaft to turn in raising and lowering the bridge. The Bull Wheel (one on each side of the bridge located underground at the Park Avenue end) lifts and lowers the underground counterweights that raise and lower the bridge. Over time the bearing on the west side has worn unevenly and is being replaced. As this type of bearing is made from alloys of different metals that are melted down and cast, the bearing will have to be recast.

On July 25, Canal Corp engineers raised the bridge and placed iron support posts at the Park Ave and Fayette Street ends to keep the bridge in the raised position. They disconnected the counterweights from the Bull wheel, and raised the bull wheel with a crane in order to extract the bearing.

The photos, with captions, show some of the work being done are available on the Village of Brockport Facebook page. The original three-week period for repair currently stands. We will keep the public updated on the bridge repair.