Village Manager

Village Manager

Erica Linden, Village Manager, also fulfills the role of Village Clerk, which includes FOIL Officer, and Tax Receiver.  Erica holds a Masters Degree in Public Management, has experience in local and federal government offices and not-for-profit sectors, and held the Deputy Clerk-Treasurer position at the Village of Brockport for eight years prior to this appointment.

The Village Manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Village.  This includes support to the Village Board, implementing policies and procedures, and providing resources to assist the Board in making informed decisions. The Manager does not vote on policies, but does participate in the discussion process in an advisory capacity, and is tasked with carried out the decisions of the Board once they are made.

The Manager provides supervision of all Village departments.  Working closely with department leadership, the Manager provides support to them and their teams as needed, ensuring our work together is fiscally responsible, responsive to the needs of our community, meeting the goals of the Village Board, and aligning with the Village Comprehensive Plan.

The Manager is very involved in the grant writing and administration process, assisting in grant applications and responsible for the execution, implementation, and reporting of grant award projects.  Other duties include human resources, civil service, insurance, budget, union negotiations, intergovernmental relations, and community outreach and communication.

Erica L. Linden

Village Manager / Clerk

(585) 637-5300 x112