Bridging Brockport

Bridging the Closure is now known as Bridging Brockport, which will live on beyond the Main Street bridge rehab and closure as we celebrate our unique canal bridges.

Logo courtesy of Patrick Armstrong, graphic designer, SUNY Brockport.

Bridging Brockport is a community committee formed in 2021 to plan for the 18-month closure of the Main Street bridge for repairs.  Its mission is  “To guide local businesses and the Brockport community through the Main Street bridge closure with effective communication and innovative solutions.”  The committee is comprised of 4 subcommittees: active transportation, vehicular traffic, marketing, and events.  It is co-chaired by Mayor Margay Blackman ( and Trustee Kathy Kristansen (

Information and news on the closure will be posted here.



Thank you to our community partners!  Live feed provided courtesy of CHPCit and Custom House.

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Bridge Notes week of September 10th By Mayor Margay Blackman

This week JP Hogan contractors will be at the bridge using a wire saw to cut each weighty cement counterweight into 6 pieces.  Each of the pieces will be drilled and fitted with an eyelet so that it can be picked up by a crane and lifted out of the pit.  The pieces...

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Bridge Update By Mayor Blackman

  The machinery in the South and North pits is in the process of being dismantled.  The week of August 7th the concrete approach apron to both sides of the bridge was removed along with the reinforcing steel beams which will be scrapped. The two concrete...

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Bridge Repairs for Park Ave. Lift Bridge Will Delay Main St. Lift Bridge Project
Main St. Lift Bridge Project to Begin Mid-May

Today the New York State Canal Corporation and the New York State Department of Transportation announced that the Park Avenue Lift Bridge over the Erie Canal in the Village of Brockport, Monroe County, will close to vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Monday, March 27, 2023, to facilitate repairs to the bridge’s lifting mechanism.  A routine seasonal maintenance inspection of the Park Avenue bridge turned up 2 damaged anchor cables (that connect to the counterweights). The work is expected to take approximately six weeks and the bridge will be in the raised position during that period.

Motorists and pedestrians are advised to use the nearby the State Route 19 (Main Street) Lift Bridge throughout the duration of the repair. To minimize traffic impacts, NYSDOT has postponed the start of a full rehabilitation of the State Route 19 Lift Bridge from April  until mid-May.

The Canal Corporation and the Department of Transportation appreciate the public’s patience while these projects are completed.  The village will provide updates as the work progresses and post them on the Brockport webpage and the Village Facebook page and send out messages on the My Brockport Village App as appropriate.

Parking Limitations

March 8, 2023 a letter was mailed to all Park Ave. and Fayette St. neighbors regarding on street parking limitations during the bridge closure, which can be viewed here:

Traffic Light for Smith Street Bridge

Let there be lights!  Thanks to the discovery of warehoused stoplights at DPW and the online survey responses, the Smith Street bridge will have stoplights during the Main Street Bridge Closure.  The stoplights are being tested, will be mounted on posts, and road signs warning of the lights ahead will be installed.  Look for everything to be in place by the end of March.

Thanks to Dan, Gerry and Keith at DPW for making this change happen.


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